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Our Yoga Classes

At Apex Yoga, you will find a variety of classes to fit your every need. Each class is expertly designed to strengthen, lengthen, tone and tighten your mind and body. 

Beginners Yoga

This instructional class will focus on basic yoga postures and stretches. We will demystify the yoga language and tune into a mind-body connection proven to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, and chronic pain.  This class is non heated and beginner friendly.

Apex Yoga 1

This class is a foundation building Vinyasa yoga class that will invigorate and balance your entire body and mind.  You will be guided through a sequence of fundamental yoga postures to inspiring tunes. This class is non-heated and beginner friendly.

Apex Yoga 2

This class ups the intensity from A1 and adds infrared heat to the mix. With this Power Vinyasa class you will strengthen, lengthen and detoxify your entire body and mind. Expert instructors will guide you through their unique sequences towards more challenging postures. This class is heated and some yoga experience is a plus.

Apex Yoga

Surf & Surrender

Whether you're scoring waves or goals, this class is for you. High performance athletes of all levels require massive demands of focus and energy when competing, however you may find yourself lending inadequate effort to recovery in your down time. Emotional frustration and even injuries may accumulate and decrease your ability to constantly perform at your peak.  The surf and surrender deep stretch and meditation class will focus on opening up your major and minor muscle groups needed for high performance movements.  You will become more aware of your body, increase balance, coordination, flexibility, and core strength.  We'll also grow your meditation practice, which will catapult your mental edge to new heights during competition. Are you ready to reach your peak at Apex Yoga?!


This class is non heated and beginner friendly. 

Apex Yoga Restore

Slow down and unwind with a guided restorative yoga class. Instructors will lead and assist you through a yoga class designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.


This class is non heated and beginner friendly.

Apex Yoga

Fit Flow

This uptempo class incorporates yoga postures, high-intensity cardio and strength training exercises all into one challenging and fun class. Be prepared to get your heart pumping and blood flowing as you participate in this 60-minute workout.

This class is heated and some yoga or fitness experience is a plus. 

* Due to the strength and cardio intensive nature of this class, it is not recommended for individuals with injuries or serious medical conditions.